Agenar’s journal, page 235

I woke from a sleep uninterrupted either by dreams or by standing watch to the sound of grating stone on stone and Travis announcing that he intended to see the chamber of horrors below. No entreaties would persuade him from discovering some news of his origin. I wandered into a chamber from which glowing sprites […]

Agenar’s journal, page 231

After a short rest, we returned belowground to purify the desecrated shrine of Moradin. After helping dispose of the orc, I left the others scrubbing gore from the walls and went to commune with the now-toothless black dragon. While kneeling before the skull, I noticed the gleam of a necromancer’s black onyx in the eye […]

Agenar’s journal, page 229

Tymora travels with us. Not only did she smile on our return to The Glade, letting us traverse the way in a single day’s marching, she also granted Tilia’s caregiver the wisdom to save not only the furbolg’s right arm, but her life. Without his ministrations, she would have, very soon, been reduced to dust. […]

Agenar’s journal, page 227

And two days later, I found myself underground. The Stone Circle is, it seems, site of something more sinister. Beneath the alter-stone, which was covered in blood – presumably that of the injured man Tilia spoke to, the reason we came here – we found a staircase leading into a dwarfish complex. The first chamber […]

Agenar’s journal, page 226

Tonight the group gathered at the Apple to make plans: tomorrow we travel west, to the great Stone Circle in the Wood. Afterward, Wynlynn dragged Val off to wherever they sleep, so I went to bed relatively early, and relatively sober, where slumber soon found me waiting. Tymora holds out a coin, face up, and […]

Agenar’s journal, page 224

Woke next to Val today, on a lumpy straw mat in the room above Yeoman’s Apple. Seems the barkeep made the standard assumption that a man and woman who spend all day drinking together and fall asleep in each other’s arms require only a single pallet upon passing out. “Well, isn’t this embarrassing,” I kicked […]

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