Chapter 3

From the young adult’s novel based on The Mysteries of Arklan Voices echoed eerily through the tunnels, but at least the speakers sounded as if they were alive. The party trudged toward the source of the sound. Navigating the dim passageway easily with their darkvision, Val, Wynlynn, Pantaghion, and Agenar led the way, while Teal, […]

Agenar’s journal, page 226

Tonight the group gathered at the Apple to make plans: tomorrow we travel west, to the great Stone Circle in the Wood. Afterward, Wynlynn dragged Val off to wherever they sleep, so I went to bed relatively early, and relatively sober, where slumber soon found me waiting. Tymora holds out a coin, face up, and […]

Agenar’s journal, page 224

Woke next to Val today, on a lumpy straw mat in the room above Yeoman’s Apple. Seems the barkeep made the standard assumption that a man and woman who spend all day drinking together and fall asleep in each other’s arms require only a single pallet upon passing out. “Well, isn’t this embarrassing,” I kicked […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Standing Stone Tunnels

Observations on the way to the standing stones, along the main road: Usual songbirds and “small woodland creatures” including squirrels, chipmunks, and a cottontail rabbit Seemed like there was something moving on the mountains above us, but never got a good view, much like the elusive creature in the forest Observations in the dwarven tunnels […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Mine Quest Day 3

Observations outside the mine: Scavengers present when we arrived — including “buzzards” (vultures), some small animals, and a larger animal, likely a canid such as a wolf or coyote — consuming the remains of a dwarf and a human. Could not confidently identify animal species due to our distance from them when they scattered. Unknown […]

Agenar’s Journal, page 220

“What in the Dragon’s name is that?” “This will help.” Val, who just shook me awake, holds out her flask. I take it and drink deeply; the ale soothes my throat. Returning the flask, I ask again, “What is that?” I am slumped across an empty barrel that smells like the ale I just drank, […]

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