Tilia’s Field Notes: The Glade Fort

In spite of the cleric’s salves and blessed incense, my sleep was restless and troubled by bizarre nightmares. Perhaps it was an effect of the mummy’s curse, for that’s what caused the black rot. The dream visions of a writhing darkness, filled with horrible bony creatures, ended with a jolt to consciousness after a flying […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: From the Necromancer’s Lair to The Glade

I don’t recall much of the long march back to the The Glade from the necromancer’s lair under the standing stones. What happened in the tunnels between leaving the group to tend my wounds in the light of day and the rest of the party surfacing, I can’t guess. Although the dessication and rot from […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Standing Stone Tunnels

Observations on the way to the standing stones, along the main road: Usual songbirds and “small woodland creatures” including squirrels, chipmunks, and a cottontail rabbit Seemed like there was something moving on the mountains above us, but never got a good view, much like the elusive creature in the forest Observations in the dwarven tunnels […]

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