Agenar’s journal, page 96

Tymora visited me last night, for the first time in many moons, to show me a dragon. The beast had a placard hanging from each neck, reading “truth,” “justice,” “hope,” “peace,” and “equality” in turn; each mouth held a half-eaten elf, orc, or human, while the scene beyond was a field of rubble littered with […]

Agenar’s journal, page 244

Darian shook me awake. “Why,” he asked, setting a tankard of breakfast before me, “would you fall asleep by the fire with that amazing creature waiting in your bed?” He waved toward the door, where Val, particularly fetching without her studded leather armor, was just leaving. “Unless,” he cast a quick glance at the bar, […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Travis

Among our odd little party, Travis and I are the most obviously unlike the others in appearances. He is a particularly interesting creature, a mysteriously animated man made of wooden elements, none of which are still living but somehow together make a sentient person. He’s a machine of some sort, but obviously much more complex […]

Agenar’s journal, page 241

This morning, Wynlynn told us that Travis tried to escape during the night, and somehow Pantaghion wanted to help. When she repeated what the woodman said, I recognized a command spell – and since this is only effective if spoken, we have gagged him using the rags that had wrapped my feet. I really must […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Subterranean Adventures

After my most recent entry, we spent a night recovering before returning to what I shall call the “Rainbow Room” below the glowing elven caves. This time, Travis was able to talk his way into easily retrieving the colored liquids that had so fascinated Wynlynn, aside from one. There was an intense clash with a […]

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