Agenar and the Dragon

excerpt from Agenar, Dragon Master of Sriss, ed. Travis Woodman. Dranseri: Pansophical Press, 1234 PC. The valiant Agenar had been traveling for days, journeying from Dranseri to join his brothers in Sriss. He moved incognito and without incident, and soon came to the mountains forming a hilt for the Dagger Sea. Entering their narrow, snow-covered […]

Agenar’s journal, page 115

Months of planning and secrecy, and for what? Nothing – worse than nothing. Our quest to claim the Book of Vile Darkness was not only thwarted, but anticipated. Gammon will, rightly, blame me for this failure. Yet our plan proved sound, as my escape demonstrates. We arrived at the back of the Pansophical compound aboard […]

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