Tilia’s Field Notes: Teal

My water-loving druid brother-in-arms is ever the gentle voice of reason in our adventures. No one soothes ruffled fur and feathers, interjects needed social niceties, ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, or appeals to our better sensibilities quite like Teal. Teal has wavy, bluish hair and big eyes, a sun-kissed complexion, and as we learned […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Travis

Among our odd little party, Travis and I are the most obviously unlike the others in appearances. He is a particularly interesting creature, a mysteriously animated man made of wooden elements, none of which are still living but somehow together make a sentient person. He’s a machine of some sort, but obviously much more complex […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Pantaghion

Of all our enigmatic comrades, Pantaghion the paladin may actually be the most mysterious. If we are to believe what he’s told us in bits and pieces over the last year or so, he’s the product of an illicit relationship between elven royalty and a human father. And everything about him matches the story, down […]

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