Letter to Caedmon, 25th Day of Mielikki

Dearest Caedmon, How brightly the moons shine tonight! Selûne glows pale and full, while Io gleams with a pink halo, the shape of a bronze scythe. Nights like these remind me of the lunar festivals we used to enjoy on Talpin, where the Moon Goddess, the mistress of the tides, is so highly esteemed. Do […]

Chapter 3

From the young adult’s novel based on The Mysteries of Arklan Voices echoed eerily through the tunnels, but at least the speakers sounded as if they were alive. The party trudged toward the source of the sound. Navigating the dim passageway easily with their darkvision, Val, Wynlynn, Pantaghion, and Agenar led the way, while Teal, […]

Ferryman’s Log, Entry #1, 11th Day of Mielikki

Dawn on the river. Everyone’s asleep, except Val, who was gone even before I stirred to check on the boat’s course—an early morning hunting expedition? How playfully the little wavelets shimmer in the early morning light! How tranquil the beauty of these woody streams, so distinct from—and yet in some ways just as alluring as—the […]

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