Ferryman’s Log, Selected Entries from Tyer-Besil (Auril PC 1222)

16th Auril. Feel as if my insides are still thawing out. I don’t remember ever being so cold, not even at the deepest depths of the ocean. Tilia and Ari did an excellent job of melting our icy prisons—I shudder to think what would’ve happened if Ari hadn’t dodged the icy blast that froze the […]

Ferryman’s Log, Entry #3 (10th of Sehanine)

My hand is trembling so violently that I can barely write legibly as I wait for permission to visit Tilia, Val, and Wynlynn in the infirmary where more seriously injured combatants are treated. Though I sustained a few serious burns and was knocked about pretty badly, my own injuries were relatively minor compared to those […]

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