Ferryman’s Log, Selected Excerpts (Auril 1222 PC)

9thAuril. Dranseri. I found a local boatman who was willing to guide Mr. Styx’s boat back to the Glade—Tilia, who accompanied me, whispered to me that his fee (25 gold) was exorbitant, but if that ensures that the boat is safely returned to my former master, it is coin well spent. Though I am no […]

Letter to Caedmon, 25th Sehanine

25th Sehanine [mailed from Dranseri on 7thAuril] My Beloved Friend, Greetings from Nari Lana! I write from the secluded Village of the Genasi on the coast of the Dagger Sea. We’re now just two days from Dranseri, where at the first opportunity I will send this letter to your lodgings in Emorhin. My heart is […]

Letter in a Bottle: a Tribute to Wynlynn

13th of Sehanine Dearest Wynlynn, I don’t know when you will read this letter, but I’ve used druidcraft to enchant the bottle holding it. As I’ve drawn strength from the rivers of Arklan when far from the ocean, so may this sparkling stream carry my thoughts and affection to you in good time. You shall […]

D&D Dialogs 1: Scenes from the Infirmary & inside the Temple of Joy

[The scene opens as Teal enters the infirmary room in which Tilia, Val, and Wynlynn have been recuperating. Tilia is standing at a window near the door through which the cleric’s assistant directs Teal. Val is sitting on one of the beds, and Wynlynn is standing next to her.] Teal: Oh, I’m so glad that […]

Ferryman’s Log, Entry #3 (10th of Sehanine)

My hand is trembling so violently that I can barely write legibly as I wait for permission to visit Tilia, Val, and Wynlynn in the infirmary where more seriously injured combatants are treated. Though I sustained a few serious burns and was knocked about pretty badly, my own injuries were relatively minor compared to those […]

Ferryman’s Log, Entry #2 (10th of Sehanine)

We’ve been in Dranseri for barely twenty-four hours; yet it seems like we’ve already seen and done more than we would in two weeks back at the Glade! Sitting here in the courtyard of the Cobalt Reserves—as we wait for Travis to get us into this beautiful azure-topped library—I shall jot down some of our […]

Agenar’s journal, page 244

Darian shook me awake. “Why,” he asked, setting a tankard of breakfast before me, “would you fall asleep by the fire with that amazing creature waiting in your bed?” He waved toward the door, where Val, particularly fetching without her studded leather armor, was just leaving. “Unless,” he cast a quick glance at the bar, […]

Agenar’s journal, page 241

This morning, Wynlynn told us that Travis tried to escape during the night, and somehow Pantaghion wanted to help. When she repeated what the woodman said, I recognized a command spell – and since this is only effective if spoken, we have gagged him using the rags that had wrapped my feet. I really must […]

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