Letter to Caedmon from Red Larch (Auril 11th)

My beloved friend, Greetings from Red Larch! I apologize in advance for the brevity of this letter—it grows late and my companions intend to set off at daybreak tomorrow, so I must not oversleep! Haha—I’m sure you’re remembering the several (ok, many) times you arrived at my uncle’s house to pick me up, only to […]

Ferryman’s Log, Selected Excerpts (Auril 1222 PC)

9thAuril. Dranseri. I found a local boatman who was willing to guide Mr. Styx’s boat back to the Glade—Tilia, who accompanied me, whispered to me that his fee (25 gold) was exorbitant, but if that ensures that the boat is safely returned to my former master, it is coin well spent. Though I am no […]

Letter to Caedmon, 25th Sehanine

25th Sehanine [mailed from Dranseri on 7thAuril] My Beloved Friend, Greetings from Nari Lana! I write from the secluded Village of the Genasi on the coast of the Dagger Sea. We’re now just two days from Dranseri, where at the first opportunity I will send this letter to your lodgings in Emorhin. My heart is […]

Letter to Uriah Styx (7th Auril)

7th Auril, 1222 Dear Mr. Styx, I hope this letter finds you well—that your gouty leg will not bother you even when the cold weather arrives! Sorry for my long silence. I am afraid that we must tarry in Dranseri longer than expected. Don’t worry: your boat is safely docked, and we will pay you […]

Letter in a Bottle: a Tribute to Wynlynn

13th of Sehanine Dearest Wynlynn, I don’t know when you will read this letter, but I’ve used druidcraft to enchant the bottle holding it. As I’ve drawn strength from the rivers of Arklan when far from the ocean, so may this sparkling stream carry my thoughts and affection to you in good time. You shall […]

Where the River Meets the Sea

Matt Hale & Paul Yeoh From the young adult’s novel based on The Mysteries of Arklan Caedmon sighed. “I know it is tough. I care for you too. I always have. But it isn’t possible. Our paths are not the same. You have your Aramentè and I have my songs and gigs. Both our paths […]

Ferryman’s Log, Entry #3 (10th of Sehanine)

My hand is trembling so violently that I can barely write legibly as I wait for permission to visit Tilia, Val, and Wynlynn in the infirmary where more seriously injured combatants are treated. Though I sustained a few serious burns and was knocked about pretty badly, my own injuries were relatively minor compared to those […]

Letter to Caedmon, 25th Day of Mielikki

Dearest Caedmon, How brightly the moons shine tonight! Selûne glows pale and full, while Io gleams with a pink halo, the shape of a bronze scythe. Nights like these remind me of the lunar festivals we used to enjoy on Talpin, where the Moon Goddess, the mistress of the tides, is so highly esteemed. Do […]

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