Tilia’s Field Notes: Travis

Among our odd little party, Travis and I are the most obviously unlike the others in appearances. He is a particularly interesting creature, a mysteriously animated man made of wooden elements, none of which are still living but somehow together make a sentient person. He’s a machine of some sort, but obviously much more complex […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Subterranean Adventures

After my most recent entry, we spent a night recovering before returning to what I shall call the “Rainbow Room” below the glowing elven caves. This time, Travis was able to talk his way into easily retrieving the colored liquids that had so fascinated Wynlynn, aside from one. There was an intense clash with a […]

Letter to Travis

Moonday, 2 Sehanine 1222 Dearest Travis, I received your missive. I hope my response finds you well. While I am excited to hear of your adventures, I am concerned about your well-being. Please appropriately safeguard yourself. Regarding the astrophysical anomalies you’ve been observing. We are aware of the situation – but haven’t been able to […]

Tilia’s Field Notes: Into the Elven Ruins

We were cautious about entering the forest after the orc encounter in the mountain, and indeed, it was a strange place. Normal forest gave way to what seemed to be an ancient battleground, with rusting arms overtaken by new foliage. It was salve to my soul to see how the forest reclaimed its space after […]

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